Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Hello Readers of Generation Byte!

As you are probably fully aware, I have been absent for quite some time. Why is this and where have I been?

To answer the question of why, honestly it’s because after making dozens of posts on this site I feel I have said much of what I wanted to say regarding whole brain emulation, Neuralink, Transhumanism and so on. As such, I see very little benefit in continuing to post here. I don’t want this blog to be filled with largely aimless posts just for the sake of keeping up some arbitrary targets of posting. I have moved on.

Where have I been?

The answer to this, for the most part, is on Twitter. When a Hydrogen truck company called Nikola Motors decided to IPO on the stock market and made claims I believed to be fraudulent, I created the Twitter account called “Nikola Tesla’s Ghost” @Nikola_Truth. Now that the Nikola Motors drama has largely simmered down, I have been posting on Twitter a lot more about Tesla, investing and stuff along those lines. I still occasionally tweet about the sort of things I’d post in Generation Byte but that’s not the main focus of my Twitter account.

I have also fairly recently started a YouTube channel! The channel is also called Nikola Tesla’s Ghost and talks about Disruptive Innovation, Investing, Finance and so on. I have made videos about Bitcoin, Warren Buffett’s failures, Ark Invest and Wright’s Law. I hope you check me out over there!

What now?

Aside from that though, I am not planning to post here on Generation Byte any time soon but I will continue to keep the site up largely for sentimental reasons. That said, if you do want to talk about anything related to Generation Byte I’d be more than happy if you DM’d me on Twitter!

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