This category includes posts about the effects of digital immortality on the various technologies of the world, as well as the technologies necessary to enable the brain uploading technology. Nobody knows exactly what the final technology will look like, though ideas have been proposed, and very few people are working on the idea.

Posts in this category also go into the various other technologies that will be used for the artificial bodies that house a person’s digital brain. These technologies may need to be invented between now and then but could be based upon existing technologies such as artificial limb technology, battery tech, smartphone tech and software like virtual and augmented reality.

Some of the posts also go into how other technological fronts would be made easier and the positive effects that this would bring, such as an increased rate of innovation and ease for a goal to be achieved.

Neuralink Announcement – what can we expect?

What to expect in the Neuralink announcementRecently, Neuralink has scheduled an announcement for Tuesday, 16th July. While we await this Neuralink announcement, we can only speculate about what it might entail. What is almost guaranteed, however, is that the announcement…

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Customisation of a Digital Being

The current model: Limiting factors Human bodies are fairly limited in their ability to be customised. Biological factors are the main dictator in this regard and things like the need for air, food, toxin removal and a constant healthy blood…

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Selling your Mind and Configurable Brains

Supposedly, after a person had uploaded their brain to digital form, they would have a comprehensive virtual copy. This copy could be analysed and separated into its constituent brain regions. Theoretically, these regions could be replaced with regions from other…

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Neural Lace vs Uploading Your Brain

What is Neuralink's 'Neural Lace'?NeuralinkLet's start off with Neuralink. Neuralink is Elon Musk's very secretive company that describes itself as "Developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers." As put in SXSW, we currently have very low bandwidth,…

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The Conflict Landscape with Digital Beings

A (brief) overview of conflictWhy do we have conflicts?There is generally a magnitude of reasons for conflict, though the psychology behind it is fairly well understood and is observed in many places. The largest psychological effect involved here is called…

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Space Exploration with Digital Beings

Why go to space?As Space Explorations Technologies Corp. (more commonly known as 'SpaceX') founder and CEO Elon Musk has said before, multi-planetary colonisation is not a plan B but instead a necessity for the survival of humanity. The best explanation of this is…

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Enhancement of a Digital Being: Software

Artificial Intelligence Software:Perhaps the single greatest software enhancement of a digital being would be the integration of artificial intelligence both in a narrow and general sense. This artificial intelligence would of course be secondary to the original human cognition, but could be…

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Digital Immortality: an Overview

It is my belief that one day humans will decide to dispense entirely of their biological bodies in favour of digital robotics. Though some may regard such a being as not human at all, we do not think that would…

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