This is the list of posts that have the ‘Neural Lace’ tag. Neural Lace is a technology being developed by Elon Musk’s Neuralink. It will be an injectable mesh of electrodes that interact with the neurones of the brain to far better integrate digital software and our biological brains. This technology is claimed to be able to bring enhanced super-intelligence to humans capable of matching that of artificial intelligence.

Seen as a potential precursor to digital immortality, neural laces are poised to drastically change the way we interact with technology by enabling high-bandwidth input and output of information, far better than the current limitations of fingers and thumbs, voice and other less effective methods of communication. The neural lace has not yet been announced publicly and has been in development for years with very little in the ways of statements from Neuralink or leaks from within the very secretive company.

Neuralink Announcement – what can we expect?

What to expect in the Neuralink announcementRecently, Neuralink has scheduled an announcement for Tuesday, 16th July. While we await this Neuralink announcement, we can only speculate about what it might entail. What is almost guaranteed, however, is that the announcement…

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Medicine vs Maintenance: the end of Healthcare?

Medicine vs MaintenanceThe topic of medicine vs maintenance may seem nonsensical, and historically it would have been. Surely something that needs medicine doesn't need maintenance and vice versa, right? Well, thanks to modern advancements in artificial limb and organ technology,…

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Our Curious World (EP 17) – Podcast Curious World - Digital ImmortalityOur Curious World is a podcast hosted by Krisitan Lander. In this episode, 'Digital Immortality', I (Loui) talked with Kristian about this blog, my inspiration and what I think will happen in relation to the…

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Neural Lace vs Uploading Your Brain

What is Neuralink's 'Neural Lace'?NeuralinkLet's start off with Neuralink. Neuralink is Elon Musk's very secretive company that describes itself as "Developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers." As put in SXSW, we currently have very low bandwidth,…

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