This category includes posts about the effects of digital immortality on society, including how people will respond to the technology and how the general social politics changes.

In summary, we think that for the first decades, society will be divided over the technology, with many saying digital beings aren’t real people and may be led to take violent action against digital beings and the technology. This group is likely to be comprised of religious fundamentalists, those who feel oppressed or marginalised, and extreme political groups.

In the long term, however, it is highly likely that society will have accepted the technology and a significant proportion of humanity will be comprised of digital beings. This is something we see happening within a few centuries of the technology being released to the public, though this is just a guess and the actual time taken for acceptance may be sooner or later depending on biological resistance.

Regulating Digital Immortality

Digital Immortality would perhaps be the single most revolutionary inventions in the history of the human race. As with all technological revolutions, it would also bring with it perhaps the single greatest legal challenge in human history, up there with…

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