Our Curious World (EP 17) – Podcast

Our Curious World (EP 17) – Podcast

Our Curious World – Digital Immortality

Our Curious World is a podcast hosted by Krisitan Lander. In this episode, ‘Digital Immortality‘, I (Loui) talked with Kristian about this blog, my inspiration and what I think will happen in relation to the digital immortality technology. This conversation covers many topics, such as Black Mirror (which I recommend to everyone mature enough to comprehend what happens), Sex and Sexuality, Configurable Brains, Society, Technology and much more. Watch the podcast on YouTube to hear what Kristian and I had to say. Also, follow Kristian on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube if you are interested in his content, and follow Generation Byte if you want more of our content. 

Loui Coleman

Author of Generation Byte

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