Neuralink will make Talking Redundant – Elon Musk on JRE

Neuralink will make Talking Redundant – Elon Musk on JRE

On the 7th May Elon Musk made his second appearance on Joe Rogan’s PowerfulJRE podcast. Whilst this second round wasn’t as much of a meme mine as the first appearance a year ago, it did provide some pretty mind-blowing shit about the future of Neuralink and neuroscience, including the fact that language will potentially be redundant in as few as 5 years (more likely 10)!

Wait, what’s a Neuralink?

Founded in July 2016, Neuralink is Elon Musk’s attempt to save humanity from AI overlords by assimilation. This is done by a ‘neural lace’, which can detect signals in the brain and create its own inputs. After three years of secrecy, Neuralink finally told the world what they’d accomplished: a brain-machine interface called ‘N1’. N1 is Neuralink’s first product, which proceeds a huge number of prototypes before it. The N1 consists of four sensors on four different brain regions. These sensors are then connected to a pad behind your ear which wirelessly communicates with a ‘Link’ that you wear on the outside of your ear and is fully removable. This is installed by drilling a small hole into the skull and replacing that segment with the N1 device.

Neuralink event - Link wearable device
Link wearable device. Credit: Neuralink Corp. , via YouTube

So, what’s this about no more talking?

Early days

As it stands, Neuralink’s N1 device only covers a small region of the brain so is limited in its usefulness. So, the obvious thing is to make the device bigger! If this is achieved and the most important brain regions are covered, Neuralink could do great things, the first of which is health.

"It could, in principle, fix almost anything that's wrong with the brain."
Elon Musk
Visionary Engineer

In one sense Neuralink’s neural lace would be a cure-all for all mental or nervous problems. Can’t see? Neuralink will fix it. Can’t move your leg? Neuralink will fix it. Can’t remember your children or grandchildren? Neuralink will fix it. No kidding, this is literally The Matrix!

Reaching language redundancy

As time goes on and Neuralink’s devices become exponentially more sophisticated, their functions become equally as sophisticated. This will continue to the point that Neuralink will be able to interact with the entire brain and monitor all of its functions in real-time. At this point, Neuralink will be able to detect our raw understanding of a concept, copy that understanding and then simply send it to someone. This avoids the miscommunication and ambiguity present in all communication of complex problems. Anyone who uses Twitter understands this. 280 characters aren’t enough to get your point across. Even threads miss out some information. If you could instead just tweet out your raw thoughts that problem is gone. Language needn’t exist any more!

Where will Neuralink be in 25 years?

Ok, so this is already crazy, what the hell can they do next? Well, my dear readers, that’s where AI comes in. The year 2045 is pegged by transhumanists as the year of the ‘Singularity’, the point where Artificial Intelligence can create its own AI that’s smarter than itself, which can create its own even smarter and so on ad infinitum. When this happens humans will become like ants in comparison to AI. This is inevitable and unbeatable and as the saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them.’

It’s possible that at this point Neuralink will be able to make a ‘save state’ of the brain to transfer to another body or even a machine. At this point, your entire reality could be simulated. Your memories could be erased, edited and invented. In theory, you have no way to tell that you are not a replay of an artificially generated memory right now. When you can control all aspects of your perception of reality you control your reality. Concepts that we have about identity, sexuality, interests, nationality, gender and so on are suddenly optional and temporary. You could quite literally become the Apache Attack Helicopter you always identified as. But in the words of the inventor of the car fart: ‘it’s optional’.



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