This category includes our posts reviewing the transhumanist technology in various films, shows and other popular media. These media reviews are not reviews or critiques of the writing quality, production quality, cinematography or continuity of these pieces of media themselves but purely the technology within them.

Our first posts in this category will be about Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ series, which includes many episodes based around the idea of transhuman technology and the idea of brain enhancement and uploads. We will only cover the episodes with relevant technology and give our analysis on whether the technology in the episode is plausible and by what means it could be achieved.

One clear example of this is in the episode ‘USS Callister’ where DNA is taken and a full copy of a person is digitised and trapped in a modified version of a game. Obviously, DNA cannot give you a cognition, though this could be achieved by other means.

Replicas (2018, starring Keanu Reeves) – Review Disclaimer: this is not an analysis of the plot, cinematography, execution or characters of Replicas but solely a review of the technology, with the plot supplied for your understanding. A brief plot summary of Replicas William Foster (Keanu Reeves), a…

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USS Callister – Black Mirror – Review

The Premise of USS CallisterUSS Callister is the first episode of the fourth season of Black Mirror. Set around the 2030s or 2040s (deduced from technology shown), this episode features digitally uploaded coworkers being forced to play a Star Trek…

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San Junipero – Black Mirror – Review

San Junipero is S03 E04 of Netflix's Black Mirror. The episode is set in a simulated reality seaside town in 1987 but actually takes place just beyond the foreseeable future. The episode takes the perspective of dying lesbian paraplegic, Yorkie,…

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Playtest – Black Mirror – Review

Playtest is Season 3 Episode 2 of Netflix's Black Mirror series. Another brilliant piece of work written by Charlie Brooker and directed by Dan Trachtenberg, Playtest features an American traveller who signs up to beta test a revolutionary new form…

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