About Generation Byte

Welcome to Generation Byte: a blog about what we call ‘digital immortality’ (mind uploading). We predict that within the 21st century, scientific advancements will have come far enough that it will be possible for humans to upload their brains into a digital form, and by doing so achieve an immortality of the human cognition.

We discuss a very wide range of topics related to ‘digital immortality’, ranging from the personal impacts, to the technology, as well as the effect on the industry and the societal shifts such a technology would bring about.

This is not a blog designed to convince people to choose to undergo the procedure and transfer their brain to digital form; we merely want to share our predictions of what may happen in the forthcoming years with anyone interested in the subject.

Third parties we use

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Generation Byte is written by Loui Coleman:

Born in Surrey, England and now living in Kent, England, Loui has a passion for disruptive technologies. He hopes to upload his brain to a digital form and one day hopes all people will have this opportunity.

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You can also email Loui at blamblas@protonmail.com

If you wish to ask any questions about Generation Byte or ‘digital immortality’, or if you wish to give any suggestions or advertising deals, please visit our contact page.