Welcome to Generation Byte: a blog about the possibility and effects of uploading a human brain into digital form. For your understanding, we recommend you read our first post, Digital Immortality: an Overview, before reading other posts.

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Generation Byte was founded on the 8th of September 2018 by Loui Coleman, the founder, author and full owner. This blog is about the effects of uploading your brain to digital form, including the societal change, industrial shifts, creation and decline, and the technology that would be required to make such things like mind-upload possible. We highly recommend you read the ‘important posts’ before any other posts, as these are essential to the core idea of what we talk about.

We also talk about Netflix’s Black Mirror and, in the future, other media with technology related to mind upload technology and transhumanism in general. This does mean that some episodes without any relevant technology are not reviewed.

The goal behind Generation Byte is to increase awareness about mind-uploading and similar technologies. We also want to provoke discussions about the ramifications of the technology, such as the immense technological struggle and potential for legal and societal catastrophe. We ultimately want to inspire scientists and engineers to develop the mind-uploading technology to provide a secular immortality, and we want to awaken the international and regional governments of the potential danger they face with ignorance and force them into taking preemptive regulatory action.

Aside from this, this text is meant as an invisible Easter egg, with tiny size and clear font. It can be found with the html inspector or highlighting the text and copying it so well done for finding it. We hope you continue to enjoy this blog and we invite you to follow us on social media to stay up to date with our usually weekly posting schedule.